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Marine jellyfish used in jellyfish noodle soup is usually small, opaque white, caught by the fishermen in the remote ocean area

Nha Trang tourism is famous with jellyfish noodle soup – the sea-like flavor dish

25 Oct 2018
The rice noodle soup is made from crispy jellyfish and turmeric grilled fish with sweet broth. When eating, diners can pick up the jellyfish dip with chili sauce to feel more freshness. The specialty of Nha Trang As invertebrates, jellyfish appear in many sea areas and become a...
nem ninh hoa nha trang

Nem Ninh Hoa

31 Dec 2014
Nem Ninh Hoa includes fermented pork roll and baked pork roll. To make fermented pork roll, we use lean pork from pig’s thights. People put hot lean meat in grinder and grind them by hands. This is an important step, can’t be replaced by any machine. Grinding meat is art. We have...
Nha Trang crabs

Boiled Crabs and Roasted Crabs

31 Dec 2014
KhánhHòa – NhaTrang isknown during many generations by so much sea fresh food such as shrimp,crab, flower crab, shellfish or blood cockleand their price is so cheap. In special, Huynh De crab type with distinctive shape, it likes small tortoise with head, body and shell binding...
bun la ca dam

Bun La Ca Dam

31 Dec 2014
“ Bún Lá” (Vermicellie) derive from Thanh My village, Ninh Hoa. Vermicellie is rolled into thin circle, small by mouth of bowl, each slice of vermicellie is put on a circle banana leaf so that these slices didn’t bind together. The soup to eat with Vermicellie is cooked from...
Banh Canh with fish cake

Banh Canh with fish cake in Nha Trang City

30 Dec 2014
Fish cake is famous for the delicious fresh fish. Each plate of fish cakes is presented attractively in the evening. Fishes used to make fish cake are usually delicious such as: Sardines, mackerel, barracuda, machete fish, flying fish, sailfish etc. However, mackerel, sardines,...